"4-Pillars" Meditation


"4-Pillars" meditation is a powerful meditation technique which covers the life-cycle of meditation.
It is broken down into four stages:
1) Calming
2) Deepening
3) Expanding
4) Returning

This meditation is like taking a plane right, where first you board the plane, it runs on the run-away, catches speed and then takes off in the sky.
Near the destination, plane lands smoothly. So you return to ground, still further ahead from your starting original starting position to your chosen new destination.

Below is some more description of individual stages:

1) Calming: The first stage calms the mind. We can only see under the surface of turbulent water, if the water calms down. Similarly turbulent thoughts hamper our abilities to see beyond them, their origin, their reality "as is" and the true depth. The outcome of this phase is more centered less cluttered mind. Just like waves come and go and sea remain unaffected, thoughts come and disappear though mind remain unperturbed by their effects. 

2) Deepening: Once we put a check on our racing thoughts in the first phase, we get a much more powerful mind to work with which has more clarity and ability to focus. We seek, discover, feel and realize the "source" of peace, happiness, inspiration and love which is inside us whereas we keep on searching for it externally. This is like searching a missing key outside of our home, which we forgot inside just because it is easier and may be more fun to search for it outside. In this case we will never find it outside, as it is not there at all. This source has stillness, strength, wisdom and ultimate truth. Knowing that we are the "cause" and we do have the access to main "source", we do get enlightened to the amazing power of "self."

3) Expanding: The more we expand our mind and heart, the more we can become happy. Happiness is in direct proportion to the expansion. The more the contraction, the more the misery and the pain. Once we know and internalize this fundamental and experience it, we can utilize it to really feel one with the universe. Everything is the same form of energy. We are made of the same energy. There are only two ways to look, either seeing yourself as an isolated island disconnected or breaking the walls of ego to see yourself as a well connected part of this abundant energy, bliss and love. Once you expand yourself, you have the choice to fill that space with whatever you want and this is common sense that you will seep in as much good stuff as possible. 

4) Returning: It might be our last journey if choose to just walk out of the plane in the air abruptly without properly landing. In this fourth and last stage we come back to "present." We relish and enjoy every single breath being in total present. Leaving behind the dead past and unconcerned about the unknown future, we position our mind, body, heart and soul into the most powerful present. The door of possibility of real change opens up when we realize that we do have the full freedom to choose our path, taking the right decision subsequently followed by the correct action.

Learning and practicing this "4-Pillars" meditation can alter your life forever to make you move forward on the path in the direction of your desired destination fulfilling all your wishes.

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