“Complete Meditation” Technique

“Complete Meditation” (CM) is one which covers all three main elements of us: Mind, Body & Soul. It can also be called “MBS Meditation”, where the acronym MBS stands for Mind, Body & Soul. We are the happiest, the most productive and in our best state when all three elements are in balance. Simple normal Meditation covers mainly Mind. And then a better state of Mind, indirectly positively effects the Body and Soul, as ultimately everything is connected. Though sometimes the imbalance in Body and Soul is so much that the indirect positive effect of Mind meditation is not enough to optimize them. Here comes the practice of “Complete Meditation”, which is more powerful and effective, especially for those who are not physically very active or are too busy to contemplate and reflect. 

“Complete Meditation” is made of three parts. It is easy to understand Mind and Body. Soul is the one which is more complicated to grasp, because Soul is intangible. Though Soul can be felt something like energy which is in invisible form but there is a way to feel its definitive presence. Soul can be most easily comprehended as “Self”. Self is more important and higher than Mind. Mind is what we think and Self is who we are. Self can direct Mind, what to think and what to do. “Complete Meditation” starts with enriching the Mind first, then takes care of Body and finally nourishes the Soul.

First Part “Mind”
The activities include, Breathing (Pranayama) or Laughing (Laughter Yoga). It is easier to start with breathing. Then one can either move into Laughter or can directly move to next part of “Body”, depending on the need, mood and time-in-hand. The key is to completely relax the Mind and bring it to the present moment.

Second Part “Body”
The goal of this part is to give overall workout to our Body. There has to be a movement and that movement should move the complete body, not just some parts of it. The activities which can be done are Yoga, Dance which can also be just any free-flowing expression movements, Jumping, Bicycling, Stretching, Swimming, if you are close to water, Running or Jogging, if you are outdoors in some suitable setting such as Park etc. Different activities can be picked up in different dates. The variety will keep the whole drill very interesting. Pick the activities you enjoy doing.

Third Part “Soul”
Third part is Meditation. In this part we go beyond Mind and Body. We meet our true Self. We connect to our real being. We shun our ego. We find our heart. We connect to the Nature. We witness the truth, the way it is. We enjoy the Universe. We celebrate the living. We consciously and sub-consciously eliminate any barriers which come between us and the enlightenment.

The next most often asked question is, how much time is needed to do “Complete Meditation”?

The simple answer is around 1 hour in 24 hours duration. The correct answer is, depending on how much time your Mind, Body and Soul needs to optimize. If someone is sporty or goes to gym everyday, than very little time can be devoted to “Body” part. The most important thing is “doing”. Regularity is the secret. If you have only 30 minutes, then also go ahead and do it, prorating the time into three parts. If you have 15 minutes, then still try to do it, even if you end up missing any of the parts due to time constraint.

If you have 1 hour, then you can divide it equally into 20 minutes for each part. People who love Meditation and derive most value from that part, can give 10 minutes for first Mind part, 20 minutes for second Body part and 30 minutes to third Soul part. Or if you think that your 2 out of 3 elements are not in sync then give them more time of 25 minutes each and remaining 10 minutes to the third okay element. Or if you think that 2 out of 3 elements are doing okay and only 1 element is out of harmony, then give that element 30 minutes and 15 minutes each to remaining two elements. Ultimately after regular practice all 3 elements should be in sync and in harmony.

As the name “Complete Meditation” suggests, this could be the only routine you might need, simplifying your already busy life facing the constant challenge to balance all the elements with many different activities. Try it for a month and observe the positive life-changing effects. 

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