Find & Fix Your Default Mind

“Default Mind” is what our mind does when we are not doing something or when mind is not engaged with anything. It is the state of the mind where it goes to as soon as it gets dis-engaged. The easiest way to catch default mind red-handed is to observe our thought(s) when we wake up as we do not jump into any action right away immediately after waking up. “Default Mind” can be understood also as a “Background Mind.” It is something which might be chattering or humming in the back when we are doing some work, distracting the full attention or high concentration.

“Default Mind” can be discomforting. And many a times it is easier to escape and ignore the default mind rather than facing it. Though we might not ignore it forever so better to face it, the earlier the better. Some people try to substitute the monkeyness of the default mind with chants or “Mantras.” Some people find solace in religion and practise prayers and rituals trying to calm the default mind with goodness rather than misery. These attempts may or may not work depending on the individual, the quantity, quality and intensity of applied methods. Some methods can work only on symptomatic level providing only temporary relief. The misery, sadness, depression and bad thoughts take over as soon as people are out of places of worship, the environment of groups of similar minded people or chosen indulgences to diverge.

The goal should be to change the default mind as per our choice forever and learning the skill to reshape again whenever we want, in whatever way we want. Changing a default mind though difficult is very much possible with awareness, mindfulness, creativity and continuous efforts. The Universal Law of Polarity states that if there is a need, there is also the way to fulfill that need. The need to modify our default mental programming is a journey, well worth to embark and continue progressing through milestones till we reach our chosen destination.

The main cause of disturbance in default mind is “imbalance.” The dirtiness of default mind is nature’s way of telling that not everything is in harmony and one must do something to bring more coherence in life. The key to bring the balance is to first find and then fix the specifics which are causing imbalance. For example, say body is out of balance because of lack of consistent regular physical activities and as we know mind and body are connected, this applies that mind will also become out of balance. And if lack of exercise is one of the real cause, then that needs to be fixed even if that is at body level and not directly a function of mind. By self-experimentation by increasing the quantity and quality of physical workout, we can see the affect on our mind. And if the experiment is successful then we now know for sure that we need to increase physical activities if we really want to fix our default mind. That will require life-style changes, buying some exercise equipments, joining gym or incorporating physical activities such as biking, swimming, roller-blading, etc or playing sports such as tennis etc. The recommendation is to pick the activities, one truly enjoys as that is the only way to make those activities stick or sustained in life. The next advanced job is to take the physical activity to that optimal level, neither less nor more, which produces the maximum positive impact.

Another thing to fix, improve and permanently program our default mind rightly is to continuously observe and correct the internal communication whether happening voluntarily or involuntarily. Choosing internally better words, never to use the foul language, continuously encouraging and motivating our self is the way to go. Meditation is a quality way to spend time with our own self and keep on testing the state of default mind as well as to track the progress if we made any.

If our default mind is peaceful, creative, happy, joyful, singing and loving then we are in great mental and spiritual health. If we do not want, we do not need to change or fix anything. We need to just keep continue doing what we are doing. If we want to feel even better we can incrementally make life better by increasing certain activities which brings more joy, pleasure, fun and meaningful fulfilment in our lives. The only thing we need to watch is that increment in pursuit of more happiness does not put us out of balance. Find the right optimal point and then continue to stay there to draw the maximum benefit. Once stabilized we have one less thing to worry freeing ourselves to focus on other areas and projects of our lives.

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