Decisions Decide Destiny

If you see your life, where you are, is because of all the decisions you have taken in the past. And my theory is: “Anyone will reach at the exact point where you are if that individual takes the exact same decisions.” Basically life is nothing but a pure science. So if your life has not worked well or is not working out in present, that means you have not been taking the right decisions. And this also means that your life will not work well unless you change for better and start taking the right decisions.

Decisions are the turning points of the path of your life journey. Which means one is free to take decision to continue to move forward in the direction the life is going and growing, go up to raise your life higher, take an exit to change the direction if you are not happy with the way life is, turn left to go left, turn right to go right or take a U turn to go back. As everyone has a free will, that means everyone is free to create the life one wants and the way to do is to take right correct timely thoughtful decisions. Below are some tools of the trade to master:

Time: What you want to do with time is a decision. You can do anything with the time in hand. So time is the enabler or resource and it is up to you in terms of how to leverage it. Either you can waste it in negativity, fear, ego, fight and hatred or you can utilize it in creativity, growth, learning, productivity and love. In the same time you can smoke or exercise, stress or meditate, hurt or heal, break or build.

Team: What kind of people you associate with? Your team creates your environment. Many success stories as well as bigger projects are team work and you are as good or as bad as your team. If you pick and spend time with negative, unproductive, losers, characterless, moral-less, bad quality and waste people than your failure is a surety. The affect of associations will reflect in your life and you must create a creative inspiring constructive positive winning team by finding and keeping the right people.

Temperament: Temperament is your attitude, patience, your behavior, how you treat others, how you react, emotional intelligence and how you handle stress and tough situations. Whether you quit or mindfully analyse, act and conquer.

Thoughts: How you want to be? What you want to do? Where you want to live? What kind of friends you want to have? Do you prefer love or your own ego? Do you want to admit your own faults? Would you take responsibility of your behavior? Do you see the big picture? Can you see from other person’s point of view? Are you always right? What are the right priorities? What to do next? Thoughts are the predecessor of words we speak and our actions and influence every single decision.

Talks: What to speak is again an important decision. Talks can make or break hearts. Good talk makes friends and wins enemies. Talk can motivate self and others. Talk can either bring the best or worst from others. Every single spoken word makes a difference either positive or negative. Timely talk can save relationship and lives. Avoiding talk can make you loose contacts, opportunities and business.

Tasks: Tasks are actions. Well planned, prepared, thoughtful tasks result in successful desired outcomes whereas chaotic, unplanned, hasty, mindless tasks result in losses and failures. Again every action has a definite reaction. Therefore this is the final frontier, if something is not observed, managed, controlled and corrected at thought and talk level, then one must be ready to bear the inevitable consequences of karma.

Meditation positively and constructively effect our temperament, thoughts, talks and tasks. One needs to give much deserved sufficient time to meditate and be in the company of right, winning, constructive team. Meditation establishes strong connection with our true inner self and hence brings the clarity of what we want, where we want to go, how and with whom. We listen to our souls and take decisions from our developed intuition and most of such decisions are correct.

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