Facing Meditation

Meditation is about facing your real self. The constant conflicts in the head could be from continuously running away and never confronting your fears. Just like non-stop walking or running tires the physical body, the same happens to our almost all the time running away brain. “Facing Meditation” is the solution in such situations. “Facing Meditation” is a contemplative type of Meditation, though it goes a step beyond and becomes a “curative” Meditation. It not only observes, zeroes-down and acknowledges the real problem however phantom or ridiculous, it then also works on fixing it forever from the very roots. The affect could be instantaneous.

“Facing Meditation” is a four step process.

The first step is to zero-down the real fear in the subconscious mind. Sit down in the Meditation with the intention and objective to confront your deepest fears. Set your mind completely free. Do not try to control your mind. Conscious mind will try to resist and literally run away as always, but here in the Meditative state we go beyond the conscious mind and can feel safe in facing our demons. Beware and be watchful of the conscious mind as the logical, rational conscious mind will try to over-shadow the underneath illogical and irrational issues of subconscious mind. One should not stop till one uncovers the main problem. It is not very difficult because we suffer from our underneath mental problem anyways almost all the time. One will be really surprised to know that what one used to think was the main problem was actually not the real problem but something else was there which was totally fabricated by more or less by the mind. And once these mind-made problems are solved then it is easier to deal with real actual problems because a lot of mind was unnecessarily wastefully occupied and engaged with the irrational subconscious fears.

Now when you are confronting your main fear. Though in the beginning it might be discomforting but when you refuse to run away, you basically refuse to be fearful again, the reason of mental agony. So here now at this juncture, one must take a firm decision to never ever run away from this specific fear and always face it whenever this comes back to haunt. As soon as you take this important needed decision, your mind will stop running away. And as soon as the mind stops to run away, it will feel a real relief, calmness and tranquility. This relaxation and peace very soon positively spirals into happiness and bliss.

Meditation is an implicit agreement with our Self, to see things as they are, were, and will be. In this phase, one goes back to the history of the problem. When did it start? What were the possible causes? We can visualize the worst case scenario possible and this time rather than running away, can witness it. Every problem has a starting point and it can have an ending point. Everything which began can end or change the form. Most of the problems arise from ignorance and they can end by some right knowledge or enlightenment.

The identification of causes leads to solutions. Analyzing when problem was not there versus the problematic time, one can make out the reasons. One can release the emotions and fears, which got associated with the issue in the past. This clarity liberates and brings real sustainable peace and happiness. One can witness the secrets of balance. This is the conclusion stage. One must be able to deduce the factors and rather karma or action-items to do to be out of and to remain away from the specific problem. One can use the fingers in left hand starting from thumb to park these action-items as an easy way to remember. Whenever the same issue strikes to bother, one now knows the solution and can counter and overcome it successfully every single time.

“Facing Meditation” can bring amazing break-throughs in your life. The science behind “Facing Meditation” is that certain Karma, which is the combination of our impressions, environment, thoughts and actions got us into something, the right corrective change of Karma can take us out of the undesired state and can lead us to the desired direction. “Facing Meditation” can be done whenever we get fixated with the same recurring issue. Once that issue is resolved, we can do “Facing Meditation” from time-to-time periodically so that proactively we clean up the piling issues before they make nests in our heads.

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