Meditative Family

Family is the main unit of societies and communities. Family is something which someone is most emotional about. Family could be the most important entity for many. The loss of a family or a family member could be the one of the most stressful event anyone goes through in the life time. Many a times, people discover meditation and wants to learn and try it due to the stress caused by the break-up or the loss of relationships. Permanent loss is the most inconsolable. The saddest are the irreversible situations where actions once performed by one individual in a relationship can never be undone. One has to live with such karma rest of her or his life. Everyone around them especially their families also are inevitably effected and have to bear the consequences of those karmas.

What kind of effect Meditation can have on family? Families where Meditation is misunderstood, is discouraged and can be criticized openly. Meditation could be assumed to be in conflict with the religious beliefs the family already have. Or Meditation can be perceived as a cult. Meditation could be a cause of friction. Sometimes the differences could be such large that it might come to the point of picking either of two, Meditation or Family. Both are the lose-lose situation for anyone. What to do in such situations? Before going into that it will be better to look little bit deeper into the entity of “Family”. Once we understand that, then we have a possibility of creating a win-win scenario. As one of the goal of Meditation is to create a better Self, which should result into a happier surrounding, thus a loving family.

There are two kind of families, one we are born with which we call our “Birth Family” or “Blood Family” and another what we create, “Living Family” or “Love Family”. Blood family never changes and stays the same rest of our lives. Many of us share deep life long bonds with our parents and siblings. Family is the ultimate institution. Family is the strongest social unit. Family is permanent. Once a family, and if it is a real one then it should be always a family whether functional or dis-functional. Family sticks with you, not just in good times but the worst of your times. Family never abandons. Family never quits. Family always supports. Family does only good always and never hurts or harms. That way Family is divine, a manifestation of God, who has the quality of accepting no matter what.

Living family is the created family. It is based on feeling, mostly the feeling of love, a much deeper connection. Generally every one, expect few unfortunate ones, has a blood family. Not necessarily many might have their own created families. Our created “Family”, though if we use the word of “Family” and the feelings associated with it, then ideally should not also change, but this family is much more vulnerable. Our created family is our responsibility. Grief of loosing this family could be significant. If we are not able to hold it together, then we must look inside to find reasons. Meditation can help. Once we find the short-comings we must change to fix them, else we can never have a stable sustained family. And the change must be a permanent, unconditional, irreversible one, not temporary, conditional or situational one. The regular practice of Meditation can continuously reinforce the positive change, making that forever, building that into our habit and making that our very nature.

Ideal situation is to have a “Meditative Family”, where the other members get into Meditation, observing the positive effects of it in your changed new life. As there is a saying, “Families who eat together, stay together.” Another new saying can be, “Families who meditate together, stay happy, well and loving together forever.”

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