Know The Layers

Meditation is the way to reach our inner self and be in tune with it. Meditation is the process of cleaning up the cluttered mess of thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions and enabling us to see the reality and truth. While doing meditation, we are internalized. We witness our own thoughts. We observe our own life. We see our own actions and the reactions caused by them. As we sit long enough in meditation, we can see beyond the layer of ego, justification, blame, insults, fears, fights, conflicts or different points of views. Once we are able to see the reality or truth, then we have an opportunity to set our thoughts, actions and interactions correct. We can change. We can ask for forgiveness. We can be in peace and give peace. We can be a entirely different being than we are now. And that means our whole life can change and we can make us as well as our lives, whatever we want them to be.

To know and to be in sync with truth is an enlightened living. To find the truth depends on knowing where it is and how to get it. In search of the truth, one comes to know the obstacles of reaching the truth. Overcoming the obstacles is the personal growth and evolution. Just like Earth has many layers, Universe has many layers, and to know Earth or Universe is to know these layers,  similarly to know us, our self or our mind better we need to know our layers. The layers of our very existence, the layers of our day to day living, the layers of our most precious life and the layers to truth and enlightenment.

The main “Layers” are:

  1. Interaction Layer: What we convey.
  2. Thought Layer: What we think.
  3. Action Layer: What we do.
  4. Reality Layer: What is real.
  5. Truth Layer: What is true.

Interaction Layer: What we convey:
“Interaction Layer” is the top layer. This layer can be the least truthful or real, but extremely important in the World we live in because many people will take this as your reality or truth. Most of the times, they have no way to look beyond this layer. They will not be concerned or will prefer to waste their time to go deeper in your self or mind. They might not be interested in the real you, what you actually mean, what you want or what you intend. They make the picture of you and your life in their minds as per what is conveyed to them, no matter how little, insufficient, incorrect or even deceptive those inputs are.

A person well dressed in pricey clothes can fool others as being rich, whereas the reality could be that person is in significant debts or living in poverty. An expensive car, house or office again can be faked as the perception of wealth and success, though the real picture could be very different than what is being projected. Sweet, courteous, adapted charming behavior can be a cover for ulterior motives.

One must be able to see beyond this layer. Everyone must become deeper enough from this shallow layer which might result in bad judgements and wrong decisions. Similarly one must be mindful of this layer while communicating with the external World, so that one is not perceived incorrectly. And if that happens, then learn to communicate and interact correctly, so the right intended message goes out.

Thought Layer: What we think:
Whatever we want to think and interpret, we can. Thoughts might not be necessarily the true version of reality. Many thoughts could be completely baseless or unnecessary. Though thoughts rule our inner World. Good thoughts make us feel happy and bad thoughts make us feel miserable.

Thought is the layer, where Meditation plays a very significant role. Meditation helps in managing our thoughts. Meditation brings the optimization of thoughts, a balance between thoughtlessness and over-thoughtfulness. Meditation makes us aware of our real hidden issues, traumas, events and fears, which are actually triggering the thoughts.

Thoughts can be our best allies or the worst enemies. We have to live with our thoughts all the time, we have no other choice. We can not escape them, so it is better to face them and conquer them. The best is to really understand the nature of thoughts, their characteristics, how they originate, how they can be filtered, how they can be altered, how we can create new desired thoughts and thus replacing the ugly undesired ones.

Action Layer: What we do:
Doing is everything. Actions are the only way to manifest anything. No matter what is being thought in the “Thought Layer” and what is being conveyed in the “Interaction Layer”, ultimately the actions or karma determine the life. Good karma results in good life and bad karma results in a bad life.

The only thing here to understand is that thinking and interaction are also types of action. They are soft type of actions. Interactions and thoughts, also do have effects. Thoughts effect our life, our productivity, our quality of work. Interactions such as in-person meetings and words spoken, effect our relationships, our team, people around us and the kind of cooperation and support we get from them.

Actions are what defines our life. Actions are how we make our mark in this World. Actions are how we bring change in our communities. Actions are how we are remembered. Actions are what can remain, once we are gone.

Reality Layer: What is real:
Irrespective of what we perceive, think, interpretate and conclude, there is a reality. That reality is independent of different point of views. That reality is “what-it-is” and “how-it-is”. Sometimes our perceptions, thoughts, interpretations and conclusions are in sync of that reality, though many a times they can be different or can be even completely opposite.

One should always strive to see the reality. It is very easy to take assumptions. Sometimes these assumptions are comforting, because they bring the sense of knowing. Though the assumptions which are not in sync with reality can be quite dangerous. One can injure a great friendship or relationship. One can even have a very skewed view of self and can be doubtful of the self-abilities. Reaching true potential should be the goal of every life. 

One should be honest enough to be able to see things as they are and the events as they happen. Being real, brings the possibilities of change. One can get out of the ambiguous hazy loop and doubts of I think, he said, she said, you said, may be, I assume etc. We can save a lot of time in our life and can do much better, if we learn the art of seeing the reality and living in accordance to that.

Truth Layer: What is true:
This is the final layer. The ultimate truth. The undeniable truth. The difference between this layer and the “Reality Layer” is, that though in the “Reality Layer” we are not biased or not manipulative to distort the reality to see the tempered version as per our wants, but still we might not be able to see or know the ultimate truth.

“Reality Layer” and “Truth Layer” can be same or different. Human abilities and comprehension could be limited. Sometimes a human can need the necessary instruments or equipments to enhance the human capabilities. For example, a microscope or telescope adds to the abilities of eyes. The more powerful is the enhancer, the more the leverage someone gets to be able to see the truth.

There is nothing more ideal than knowing the truth. To be in this final layer of truth, is the best anyone can do. The goals of Meditation and Science are the same. To uncover the truth and utilize that knowledge for the best of mankind. The difference between the two is that Meditation confines to and focuses on the internal World, the virtual World of mind and the intangible thoughts.

Knowing the layers, help us knowing ourselves better. Knowing more of us, opens new doors for us. Knowing better of us, makes us live better. Knowing that these layers exist, expands our thinking horizon and opens up our mind more. Enlightenment comes from knowledge. Meditation makes us a constant seeker of ultimate knowledge and the continuous practice of Meditation moves us from the shallowness to the depths of reality and truth.

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