Meditation 2.0 for Life 2.0

It is exciting to live in the era of Web 2.0 and social media of Blogging, Googling, Facebooking, Twittering and YouTubing. Is our life is also becoming life 2.0 or is it still old life 1.0? Whether whatever is the version of life ultimately we all are chasing the same things which are happiness, love, security, fulfilment and enlightenment. With the current technology tools it is just easier and faster to make our lives either better or worse. One must take the full responsibility of the condition of life. If some people’s life is better than they are doing something right else everyone would have been doing bad. If some relationships work then that means that yours can work too if you are willing to introspect and address the causes of relationship failures.

So how do we do that magic and make our lives, Life 2.0?
Only hope for a better life is “change”...the right corrective change, in the right direction and in the right amount. It is just similar as to get well from some disease, the right way is to take the right medicine in the right potency. And for knowing which is the right medicine there should be right diagnosis. For a right diagnosis, there must be right tests. And for right tests there must be a more accurate and honest description of ailment, symptoms or problems. In the case of choosing to heal naturally then we need to take the right corrective measures which increases health boosting our immune system such as exercising and physical activities and cut down on excessive coffee and sugar.

4-Phase Process:
There are four phases to shift our life from where it is to where we want it to be and remain. The first phase is to know the changes we need to make. Then second and the most important phase is “action” to implement those changes in our lives. Nothing will happen by mere knowledge or just words, actual action is a mandatory input for any possible output. The third stage is to maintain the discipline and commitment to stick to newer changes. This stage is critical to make the good right changes as part of our lives, making our lives really life 2.0. And finally fourth stage is to keep improving from there, keeping the positive momentum on making the life 3.0 and so forth.

Just like mere thoughts and words do not work, just joining web 2.0 and social media sites will not work. Especially if we remain the same that means same us, same people, same environment, same ways, same thinking and same actions. If we are adding the same contacts in our online networks from the past, then even if we use the best professional online networking sites our lives will remain the same, the Life 1.0. It is like trying to retain the pale dry older leaves in autumn and expecting to have newer leaves as well, along with the old ones...a natural impossibility. We must become wise enough to shed the insecurities and be sure not just hopeful that we all are destined for greener leaves again only provided we do not fear to get rid of the old ones. We must not be fixed in our current point-of-views and be open to think out-of-the-box to leverage the new opportunities, embracing the change, connecting to new special interest right groups, right new like-minded result-driven individuals expanding and filling our horizons in the right territories and directions.

How do we know what to change?
What to remove and what to keep?
Google your life. Life is a laboratory. We can easily observe the effects of people in our lives. The simple test is whether after given enough time and chances, did the things move in right directions. If we continue to keep those who do not add value and makes our lives worse, then we are fully responsible for our own downfall and pathetic conditions. To expect any betterment in our lives we have to get rid of the people having negative influences in our lives and those who impose high risks of ruining our lives with bad advises, ventures and introducing immoral illicit low-beings. Just like darkness and light can not be together at the same time, it is stupid to expect any net positive difference our lives by keeping, communicating, meeting and working with the non-working older contacts.

Permanent change or temporary?
For permanent change, one needs to make permanent changes. If the changes are only temporary then life becomes very same. So if one wants to make permanent shift in life, one has to make some firm forever decisions. For example remove older negative contacts from contact lists and social networks. Stop and block their calls and emails. And most importantly take proactive action to convey to them clearly that you do not want to hear from them anymore.

Meditation is a great tool to internalize. Meditation increase the clarity by reducing the mind-wandering. Mind-wandering causes stress. Meditation 1.0 only neutralizes the stress. Though It is just removing the weeds to make the land ready. The job is incomplete. We have to plant the seeds of the fruits we want, the life we want to create and live. Practising Meditation 2.0 which is a combination of contemplation, correction and creation, makes our lives permanently Life 2.0.

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