Mantra Meditation

“Mantra Meditation” works. “Mantra Meditation” is one of the oldest and simplest Meditation. Mantra is a word, phrase, sentence, passage or abstract sound being used repeatedly. Mantra basically substitutes the thoughts in the mind. Mantra Meditation is sort of Mind training to not let it idle and in case of not being engaged, occupied by the Mantra instead of wasteful random thoughts. Meaning of Mantra or even more than the actual meaning the interpretation the practitioner has, is quite important.

If the Mantra is related to God, then there is reverence and God consciousness. This Mantra will work more effectively for people who already has a belief in God. Though the Mantra will still work because the fundamentals of basic Meditation are there such as mindfulness, concentration, substitution and awareness of present etc.

A Mantra could be a meaningful positive word such as Love, Relax, Smile, Peace, Forgive, Laugh, Rise, Raise, Improve etc. Repetition of such word will manifest the meaning associated the word in the conscious and subconscious mind and body.

Many a times abstract sounding Mantras are given by teachers giving specific interpretation to manifest what the practitioner is looking for. One such popular Mantra is “AUM” which is made of three primal basic sounds. While chanting “AUM” the sound begins at the tail end of vocal chord system and ends on lips. This way all possible sounds are covered. Chanting is done internally, synchronizing with every breath-out with a nice long humming vibrations. These vibrations create alpha waves in the brain and the relaxation response stays with the meditator till the next meditation session.

Mantra Meditation is simple. It is quite direct. The example of simple and direct is telling mind something as simple as “Relax” and observing the unfailing effect on the whole body. For the reasons of simplicity, straightforwardness and instant demonstrable effect, Mantra Meditation is excellent for the people new to the Meditation. As the level of the Meditator increases, the awareness and consciousness rise beyond the sound or Mantra which is just one form of energy, ultimately leading to the realization of the enlightenment.

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