Medicise is a new meditation technique. It is clubbing the meditation while exercising. The word Medicise is a fusion of parts of two relevant words “MEDItation” and “exerCISE”.

In our current modern busy day lives we face time crisis every single day including weekends and holidays. You are right, it is difficult to fit work, exercise, meditation, Yoga, enough sleep and everything else in a day with limited finite hours. So what is the solution? The solution is creativity. And result of applying this creativity are the effective new techniques such as “Medicise”.

We know what the word “Medicise” means but what is Medicise “Technique”?
Medicise Technique is taking the fundamentals of meditation and integrating them with the physical work-out routine of your choice and liking. The effect is a great synergy resulting in not just healthier body but also more improved mind and much better mood, the typical effects of meditation. The total final effect is an accumulative outcome of the combined positive effects of both physical exercise as well as mindful meditation.

We are convinced, now how specifically Medicise is done?
Medicise can vary little bit as per the physical  activity on which we are clubbing the meditation. Some fundamentals remain good always, independent of the type of exercise such as:

  1. Being in present.
  2. Being breath-aware, taking deeper fuller breaths.
  3. If being distracted by thoughts then bringing attention back to breath.
  4. With every single breath, breathing out negativity, stress, darkness and sadness and breathing in positivity, relaxation, light and bliss.
  5. If still being bothered by unwanted thoughts then synchronizing every breath with sound, we call “Mantra”.
  6. Shifting the attention to third eye when eyes are closed or otherwise on tip of the nose.
  7. Playing inspiring soothing calming positive music of liking in the background.

The points of the technique which depend of the type of exercise are:

  1. Closing the eyes if the physical activity lets you do that without posing any danger to bodily injury. Eg while doing Elliptical workout machine, it is better to close the eyes while doing Medicise as it is safe. While one must not close the eyes while being on trade-mill as there is a risk of falling due to the movement of the rotating belt and the limited safe area available to place your moving legs. In elliptical, the situation of placing your feet are not changing and the path of movement is more or less defined by the machine.
  2. Slowing the breath: In meditation, we slow down the breath or breath automatically slows down when we enter into meditative states. Some workouts such as jogging increases the speed of breath because of more oxygen needed by the body. To do medicise with such activities as jogging we do not make any efforts to slow down the breath though on the other hand all the other fundamentals apply there such as deeper and fuller breaths. Whereas some exercise such as Yoga allows us to have the choice of slowing our breath so there we should let our breaths slow down.
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