Sometimes life hits you.
Some hits could be really hard.
Your heart could be broken.
Your mind might be wrenching.
Your soul could be grief-stricken and weeping hard internally.

You can have a totally unexpected news.
You can fail on something which you have been working on, giving so much of your life and life-energies.
So basically there is a shock, which can be triggered by different life situations such as break-up, loss of a relationship, death of a loved one, failure etc. You are left with a guilt that you could have done that, you should have done that etc. And you constantly ask yourself why did you not anticipate this? You could have easily avoided this? You could have done so many things which could have changed the outcome which you are confronting now.

Normal meditation might not be ready for such sudden disaster.
You are down.
You are overwhelmed with emotions.
Nobody cares for your mental state.
You are grieving.
You are sad.
You feel lost.
Pain is unbearable.
Nobody cares for your feelings.
It might be further surprising to you when people will think of it as drama.
They want to be away from you, when you might need them the most.
They do not have anything to do with you anymore as according to them they were done.
Situation can be worsened, because people many a times are only concerned about their own feelings. They do not care what is happening in your heart and mind. Despite being innocent, people can easily frame you, charge you and hurt you and your life.
Our emotions are the strongest.
Everyone is just human and not God.
Tsunami of emotions might sweep away everything, especially your logic.
We are so vulnerable.
No matter how many years of meditation practice, you are doing, sometimes the situation you are confronting could be overwhelming.

Try the “Mediyama” technique, which clubs Meditation with Pranayama.
Pranayama means deep breathing.
Combination of “Meditation” and “Breath” might work better.
The word “Mediyama” is made of fusing the two words of “MEDItation” and “pranaYAMA”.
More oxygen in the blood especially in the head may make you think more clearly. Try to take as much deeper breath as possible. Try to be in present. Be aware and mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Make attempt to release and let go of your overflowing emotions with every breathe out.

Mediyama is a special form of Meditation, which can be utilized in certain unique situations when someone faces a sudden distress or emotional shock. That particular event could be many a times not only sudden but also quite unexpected. The impact could be significant to the gravity of changing your life, your outlook and your Self forever. One can not stop such episodes in life, all we can do is to prepare ourselves to handle our response better. Mediyama is one such tool for such unavoidable, inevitable, situations of life.

Meditation is not just the balance of mind but somehow able to balance our emotions, our feelings and ultimately our soul. Emotions have energies and sometimes over-flooded emotions need release. Mediyama is better equipped to release the excess emotions faster, bringing you to normal state quickly. By learning and practising “Mediyama”, you can be more prepared to see the hard reality of present and accepting it. You might handle such a stressful situation better. You might be still mindful in those weak moments. You might realize the importance of every moment, every thought, every word and every action and will be more aware of the consequences. You might learn more of your Self, mind, heart, emotions, people, world and the nature.

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