Mother’s Day is a day which makes us think of our mothers and motherliness. A day which makes us remember our childhood. A day which brings back the numerous memories from the past. A day, which can make us understand, why we are, what we are and how we are. Also we can see who we are now, what we have become, from where we started. We are here because of our mother. How anyone looks and how anyone is, depends quite a bit on where someone is born and how someone is raised. “Ma”, “Maa” or “Mama” or something similar sounds addressing to our moms are the most likely the first words we uttered.

“Mother” is a word which is synonym to love, compassion, respect, trust, protection and support. “Mother” is a title a woman earns, through pain, sacrifices, caring and suffering. Motherhood is like an accomplishment. A step up of being just a woman, who is going to be someone responsible, selfless, mature and sensible beyond any doubts. Someone who is strong, who will do whatever it takes to take care of the new life. Creating future is one of the most important part of this world. Nature is not going to pick anyone for such critical function who could be careless, irresponsible, quitter or uncommitted. Nature selected women for a reason to give birth and to raise the new born. Shaping future is not an easy project. It is being divine. It is one of the biggest contribution, anyone can make. The whole ordeal requires a lot of patience and countless sacrifices. What makes a woman “Mother”, is giving significant part of her life. Giving this priceless time is the most precious gift anyone can give.

“Mother” is not just a word, it is a whole philosophy, a way of life, a belief system. Motherliness is more than just being woman. What makes a woman “Mother” is the qualities or characteristics of “Mother”. These qualities go beyond any culture, nationality or any other boundaries. They are universal. There properties are worth contemplating, learning and internalizing. By meditating on them, and incorporating them in your Self, anybody can become motherly if not mother. There are too many qualities of “Mother” to quote, some of them are:

  • Firm Commitment: A woman is committed to her child, even before that child is born. An unwavering, unchangeable decision. An unshakable resolve. Her commitment is forever. Commitment is a decision, a woman takes and it is this decision that transforms a woman into a “Mother”.
  • Unconditional Love: The love of mother does not depend on any condition. It does not matter, how you look, how smart you are, what you do, whether you become rich or not. Her relationship and love starts, when child is unable to do anything, unable to even speak and incapable to be of any help to her.
  • Forever Acceptance: You can share anything with mother and she will still not reject you. She might be angry with you, but she will never be disgusted. She is always there to listen. To forgive. To accept you unconditionally. To reinforce that even if everyone including you, looses hope in you, there is at least one person eternally hopeful for you.
  • Always Protective: One person who ensures child’s survival is “Mother”. No constraint stops her. No challenge is big enough for a mother when it comes to her child’s survival, which she will not confront and overcome. She stands firm in her support and to protect, shielding smilingly of her child of any adversity whatsoever she might be facing.
  • Permanent Relationship: Between mother and child, there is an unwritten implicit agreement that their bond is permanent. She will be always there, no matter what life will throw, whether it is unemployment, poverty, sickness or even disability. This stability brings peace of mind in a child and instills perseverance, an essential element of success in any enterprise in life. She will never abandon. She will not give up. She was there, she is there and she will be there, till the very end.

Motherhood is a form of meditation. Mother displays zen like state by remaining calm in the midst of unpredictable impish behavior of a child, which can be disturbing to even Yogis. Mothering is a continuous meditation. Name of her child is her mantra. Thoughts of her children, keeps her mind free from unnecessary excess of other thoughts. She has an absolute “mental clarity”, one of the main result of any meditation, of dedicating herself for the best welfare of her children. She already has a life purpose. Motherhood is a “fulfillment” for her, parenting is her “prayers”, unity with her children is her “Yoga”, and finding, enjoying, relishing and living her “motherliness” is her “enlightenment”.

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