What Meditation is NOT?

There is a lot of material available on what Meditation is, though almost nothing is there to clarify what Meditation is actually NOT. The myths of meditation and isolated success-stories of some well-marketed cases can make an ideal ground for exploitation of any desperate vulnerable seeker. Sometimes the damage is limited to some loss of time and money, but the biggest harm is the loss of faith on Meditation itself.

Observation of many real-life true unfortunate incidents compelled me to write on this very important subject which not only demystifies the myths of Meditation but also will help restoring the true faith and show the true path to those who somehow got misguided. Some of the examples of such scams in the name of Meditation are:

  • Predicting future: People want answers. People are curious to know what is stored in their unknown future. People love to have some nice, believable, optimistic nad favorable predications. A lady who was not very happy with the job, just resigned after consultation with her Guru, when she was told that she will get her dream job within three months by doing certain practise. Time got over and as expected, nothing worked out for her. When she contacted back, she was told that may be either there is some flaw in practise or it is a divine will with some higher reason. When she asked what should she do now, she was adviced that, she just needs to keep on practising without loosing faith and the result will be surely manifested. This particular woman is not a typical village woman who is not familiar with the real World. She is well educated, had a good respected well paying job for many years, has a sufficient will and motivation to work hard and do good with her life. When people like her can be so easily influenced, pretty much anyone is vulnerable to such manipulation.
  • Granting wishes: Everyone has wishes. Everyone has unfulfilled desires. The influenced individuals believe that their dreams will come true if they get blessings from their Guru. For this they travel long distances to be with their Guru. They go to events to get the live experience. They get one-to-one couselling and become very hopeful that now their lives will become what they want them to be. There is nothing wrong in being hopeful or optimistic, though why nothing happens is because there is no real action plan, due diligence or substance to make things happen. How can any wish come true or there can be any output possible without giving any inputs or processing? If someone suggests  otherwise or tries to intervene, the influenced individuals think that others are against them and do not want them to reach their goals.
  • Promising solve-all: Another most common myth or a false promise is that doing certain meditation or mantra is going to solve each and every problem in life. Do they know the subject's problem? Does subject know the real problem? Is there any process to identify the problem whether the problem is physical, mental, psychological, behavioral, informational, ignorance, immaturity, attitudinal, cultural or environmental? Yes there is a very faint probability of getting lucky and solving the problem by sheer chance. Though it is something like that somone picks just any pill from the pharmacy hoping that, that particular pill could be the right one for the ailment. Would you like to do that? No diagnoses. No deduction. Is this a right approach? In my opinion this approach of solving the problems without even knowing them is like hoping to win the lottery without even buying the ticket.

Innocence is good, ignorance is not. As one of the objective of Meditation is to dispel the ignorance and bring self-awareness, why not having right information and knowledge about Meditation itself. Because we can never reach a right destination by being on the wrong path, we will never get the right results of meditation if our practise is wrong.

Meditation is not an escape:
Meditation is a nice break but it is not an escape. When we get very exhausted working, we take a sleep and our tired body get enough rest so that we wake up with fresh new energy to resume our work. Meditation is same for our conscious as well as sub-conscious mind, where we reboot our minds to start fresh. We can tackle those same tasks more effectively and successfully which appear difficult and burdensome before meditation. Though Meditation is not running away from such issues or leaving them unresolved, wishfully thinking that these bothering issues will go away by themselves just by talking time off to meditate. Meditation is to face, reinforcing ourselves stronger through meditation and not escape.

Meditation is not a magic:
Meditation is not a cure-all-solve-everything magic. People in the hope of getting results can easily fall for this trap that just practising Meditation will solve all their problems. To get any results, ultimately the practitioner has to solve the real issues to get the real results. Meditation helps in positive mental set-up where someone is willing to look internally to self-realize and self-correct. Meditation tremendously helps in calming and composing brain, de-cluttering thoughts, cleaning up wasteful thoughts, arranging the unorganized thinking and thus improving the clarity much needed in finding the real issues which are to be worked on. Meditation greatly aids in enhancing the mental energy to combat the identified issues. Repeated practice of meditation continuously reinforces the vital life energy to keep fighting till someone overcomes the issues, hopefully permanently. Though all that fixing requires real right work besides meditation. So Meditation in itself does not solve the issues but it does provides right conducive mental energy, environment, attitude and inspiration to solve the issues.

Meditation is not a good-luck:
It is sad to see in tough economic times when people go to Gurus and get elated when they are promised that very soon they will get a huge sum of money, they will become rich and all their financial worries will be over. Similarly the people with diseases will be completely healed. Or by practicing they will be able to attract their ideal soul-mates. Or all their business problems will disappear. Meditation is not a good-luck-charm. Nothing of this sort will happen by mere practice of Meditation.

Meditation is not a miracle:
Beware of such teachers who promise miracles. Also be careful when too-good-to-be-true solutions are prescribed such as just chanting some specific mantra will make everything right. Either such boastful teachers are frauds or even if they are not intentionally deceitful, they are at least themselves ignorant enough. How can such leaders who themselves are deluded can guide correctly, when they themselves do not know what is the right way or right thing? Be skeptical when lofty, unproved or unrealistic miracles are being promised.

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