New Life

Real world is strange. Outside world can be tough. There can be injustice. You can get hurt. You can be rejected. You can be blocked. You can be punished with no fault of yours. You can be misinterpreted. You can be misunderstood. You can be misquoted. You can be disrespected. You can be fired.

What could you do then?
You can be sad, but for how long.
You can suffer as much as you want, but that does not solve anything.
You can feel and say sorry, but nobody wants to listen to you.
You want to try again, but nobody wants to give you another chance.
You can try to get back into relationship, but you can be perceived as a loser.
The more you want to push harder, the worse the situations become.

What do you do now?
What do you ought to do?
You need to do something.
You can not live such a miserable life.
You can not have such failures all the time in your life.
Wouldn’t it be better to let your old self die?
To have a new you?
Yes that is exactly you want.
That is what can turn the tables.
That is what could be a permanent solution.
But how?
What happens if you give Meditation a chance in your life?
How life gets effected by the regular practise of Meditation?

One could have an entirely new life.
And the basis of new life is your new Mind and your changed inner Self.
A new You, someone different, better, improved, enlightened.
Someone cool, calm and collected.
Someone unaffected by distractions around.
Someone unperturbed by worldly problems and challenges.
Someone constructive all the time.
Someone who just creates.
Someone who just builds.
Someone who has no time to unnecessarily waste on any negativity.
Someone who knows how to make the best use of every thought.
Someone who makes things more beautiful.
Someone who makes the difference.
Someone who gives the very best, whatever one has.
Someone who empties completely, whatever talent one has.
Someone who loves.
Someone who laughs.
Someone who enjoys every day of life.
Someone who is free from agony.
Someone who is free from miseries.
Someone who does not block life.
Someone who embraces goodness.
Someone who spreads happiness around.
Someone who believes in peace.
Someone who solves things.
Someone who rejoices in the amazing miracles of Nature.
Someone who leaves this planet a better place for future generations.

Does Meditation lead someone to renunciation?
Or should one renounce the world on the path of Meditation?
Is renunciation is the cross-over to new life?
You might have a fear that this will make you renounce the world. Your life can become boring.
People go to the extremes of changing their names all together. They name themselves something new with words which define their new Self better such as “Ananda” meaning “Bliss”, “Prema” meaning “Love” etc. This way they want to separate their past, their old way of being. They wear different types of clothes. There is a group of hermits or “Sadhus” in India, who see their own funeral as a ritual to be dead for the mortal world.

Is it necessary to have these external signs or new name or clothes etc? No. If external changes happen, they happen as a result of internal changes. If one wants to let them happen, one can let them happen. If one chooses not to let them happen, one is free to make such choices. It is important to understand that the direction of change is from inside to outside. Whatever is being manifested externally is the reflection of the changes that happened and are happening inside. None of these things are necessary to do. As, just wearing a certain newer kind of clothes or changing the name do not change the person. In even more clear words, if you make anyone wear these new clothes by force or someone wears them by mistake, the change is not going to happen. So anything external is not much of an importance or might not be real. That is how some good people can be deceived by evil impersonators, disguising in some holy robe and appearance of divine.

What is really important and what really matters is that the change happens. And this change is not just a change on surface. The change is not skin-deep. The real is real. And this is the power of Meditation. Touching not just your heart, changing not only your Mind but affecting your very Soul, being your Soul-mate...and Soul-mate not just for little while but for life...the whole remaining life.

Meditation will be with you, not only with happiness when everyone is with you but in sadness when no-one is with you. Not only in the jubilant time of success, but also in the lonely time of failure, consoling you, analysing the causes for the undesired outcomes for you, showing you light, the constructive side of bad happening, something wrong which you can fix inside you for a better tomorrow and future. Not only in the time of pink of your health, but also in the darkness of your sickness, healing you.

So Meditation does not lead anyone towards renunciation. It leads towards clarity. It reveals the reality. It makes someone realize the truth. It enlightens the Self. Renunciation is just a name given to the internal changes happening due to the Meditation practice. After knowing the truth, one crosses-over the futile worldly attachments. One does not need to keep on chasing the life anymore continuously, one can finally relax to sit and enjoy the view of the world as an observer. One can understand how the world is, how it works, what happens in the end and how one should be. Renunciation is just one form of enlightenment. And ultimately after enlightenment, one can be really free from miseries and sufferings forever.

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