Year End Meditation

Year End Meditation or in short “YE” Meditation or just “YEM”, is a special occasion meditation. As the name suggests it is done at the tail end of the year. It is different than the New Year Meditation, where we only focus on the new, the next, being totally oblivious to the past. And that is one of the main reasons many of the New Year resolutions wear off in just few days, because we fail to see the overall big picture and the connections, in which past does play a role.

Present is no doubt is the most precious because it is what we are sowing now, we will be getting in the future. Though it was our past, which more or less caused the current present. And if we need a different future, then we should be able to clearly understand the causal-effect relationship. The past, the habits and the behavior of the past can catch up, washing away the not yet firm new. The solution is the completion of the past. Year End Meditation helps in doing this seemingly useless but a real important action-item.

Year End Meditation is a contemplative form of Meditation. A year is defined for the natural periodicity of Earth completing the circle around the Sun. In the journey the four seasons cycle through, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Similarly the earth daily completes one rotation creating day again having Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night, sort of mini-year. Motion brings change. Everything cycles. Everything begins. Everything ends. Then again new things start. And they can proceed either the same way as in the past or differently if something changes.

In Year End Meditation, we run through the passed year in our Mind. Start from the beginning of the year. The plans you had, the resolutions you made, the wishes, the hope and the promise you had at the start of the year. Then what happened in the end? Was it a good year? Did things work out as you planned? Or it turned out to be a horrible year, the worst till now? Did you get hit financially? Did you loose your love? Did you loose your family? And has this thing happened again? When exactly your path deviated in the year? What made you take the detour from the original plan? Did you realize the mistake? Were you aware enough of what you were doing and what was happening as a result? Were you able to come back to the right path? Or did you drift further?

A year passed is a reality. The whole data is there. It should not be very difficult to analyze and deduce if someone is honest. If someone has a genuine interest to make life better. If someone is open to face, learn and change. Pause on every event which effected your life. If the decision and subsequent action brought misery, unhappiness, failure, and hopelessness, then something was wrong and that thing needs to be changed. The year could have been different. At the end you might have met or even exceeded your original scope. In the egoless state of Meditation, witness the actual causes of these life altering events. Besides all the interpretations of conveniences, self-justifications, he-said-she-said version, underneath there is a truth, no matter how disagreeable and unpleasant. Realization, acceptance, and internalization of that truth can only bring the liberation.

The importance of the drill is that once you get the clarity, you can stop the same thing happening to this coming year and may be in all the future coming years of your life. If you choose to ignore, and move on blinded in your own ego, then you will be responsible for the mess in your life. Underneath seemingly random life, there is a science. Enlightenment is nothing but knowing that exact science of life. If you are willing to take the responsibility of whatever happened in the life, then you will see the changes you need to make. These changes should be your New Year resolutions.

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