What is Anvention?

Anvention is a fusion of two words “ANVEtion” and “inveNTION”. The first word “Anvetion” is from the ancient language Sanskrit and means exploration, search or investigation. It is phonetically as well as meaning wise similar to English word “Invention”.

It is an interesting coincidence of two words from two distinct cultures of East & West, being in such a harmony.

Anvention Meditation is the meditation for everyone looking to improve their quality of life and wanting to experience the bliss and fulfillment. Contrary to conventional myth it works very fast and you can feel the result instantaneously after the first session.


  1. Premeditation:
    1. Brain-Tree/Bodhi-Tree
    2. Asan
      1. Posture
      2. Mudra
    3. Pranayam
      1. Bhastrika (Bellow-breathing): 2 minutes
      2. Kapal-Bhati: 2 minutes
      3. Anulom Vilom: 2 minutes
  2. Meditation:
    1. Mantra
    2. Attention at the third eye
    3. Ego-free, thought-free and stress-free blissful state
  3. Completion:
    1. Gradual eye opening
    2. Rubbing hands and palming the eyes, head and body
    3. Finishing up by touching the brain-tree

What is Meditation?

Nothing can be more abstract then defining such a word, which in itself contains the tremendous unfathomable depth and height of infinity.

If you ask someone whether he or she knows what meditation is, the most probable reply could be, yeah…sort of…not exactly.

Each and every one of us seems to have a different perception of it. Someone gets the picture in his mind of Buddhist monks sitting and chanting, someone gets impressions of an ascetic, spiritual lifestyle. There is no need for anyone to renounce their own beliefs or neglect their everyday obligations in order to practice it, or to reap the benefits. Whatever technique you adopt, you can find your ‘true self’ in the serenity of meditation.

Meditation is mastering the Art & Science of “Balance”.
Meditation is learning and mastering Mind management.
Meditation is the art & science of Mind (not brain).
Meditation is the process to balance mind and optimize life.

Meditation is seeing the reality.
Meditation is being real.
Meditation is to see the things as they are.
Meditation is a continuous connection with Nature.

Meditation is experiencing the truth.
Meditation is an opportunity to align with the truth.
Meditation is the courage to see the truth in the mind clouded with self-statements and justifications.
Meditation is to live life in accordance to the truth.

Meditation is a way to realize your true full potential.
Meditation is an energy transformation.
Meditation is the possibility and process of transforming de-focused, dis-order, negative, destructive mental energies into focused, orderly, positive and constructive energies.
Meditation is a great opportunity to get rid of and release your negativity and then filling yourself with super positivity in the space created.