The Power of Happiness

Happiness is what everyone wants. The perception is that it is hidden in money, success & fame. We all chase it by thinking once we accomplish certain level we will be happy for ever as we will be worry free. Though this is a fallacy.

Fundamentals of happiness:

  1. Happiness is FREE.
  2. Happiness is Attitude.
  3. Happiness is State of Mind.
  4. Being happy is a conscious & subconscious choice.
  5. You can be happy no matter what.
  6. Happiness is a decision.
  7. Happiness can be a written agreement with you to be just happy all the time whatever the situation is.

How to be happy all the time?
Being happy for ever is a following simple 3 step process, which anyone can apply:

Step 1:
If you have a dependency of your happiness, then first you need to free your happiness making it “independent”.

Step 2:
Make a decision to be happy and make others happy rest of your life.

Step 3:
Just put the above 2 in action, every day & every moment.

  1. Smile when you meet people.
    Start by putting big picture plan.
    Make things as simple as possible.
  2. See the most constructive happy side of every event.
    Laugh with people.
    Manage things by humor.
    Make every activity, project a fun thing.
  3. Complete things: Leaving things unfinished create mental clutter. If the task is bigger, break it down in manageable pieces and finish one piece at a time. Job not completely finished is basically useless.
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