Concept of Preture

What is Preture?
Preture is a new word made by the fusing the parts of two related words: “present” and “future”. Preture is the connector between present and future, like the “morning” connects night with day and the “evening” immerses the day into night.

Day and night do not flip-flop instantaneously. The change is gradual, not sudden.

Nature's other identical example is season change, from summer to winter passing through fall and winter journeying through spring into summer. Similarly, Preture is the joiner of present and the future.

People can call it near-future but still it is important to really identify, understand and utilize this important entity with a right name of its own.

What is the practical use of this concept or knowledge?
Most of the time we are worried about the future. Future is unknown. Future is vast, overwhelming and unfathomable. Anything which is immeasurable is extremely difficult and stressful to deal with. When we have the boundaries we can work very effectively. Preture breaks down the future into measurable, plan-able and action-able pieces. This creates an amazing opportunity to bring the constructive, meaningful and productive focus as we only have to worry about taking care of the Preture not the whole future. Embracing the concept of Preture can be a true permanent cure of our future worries.

Present is NOW.
We all know that actions can only be done in present.
But the question is what actions to be done now?

Preture is the finite time-interval in between some activity you do consistently at certain frequency. The most natural Preture could be a time interval from waking up to going to sleep. For meditators it could be the time interval from one meditation to the other meditation. If we could plan that well with the doable action-items, the accomplishments of those focused items can fill us up with contentment and fend off our frustrations, irritations and feeling of being-cluelessness. We need to just take realistic right priority complete-able action-items for that duration. The only one condition is to complete the task we take in-hand.

How to apply this knowledge into use?
To be able to complete a thousand mile journey we need to take one step at a time. If we take that step in the right direction, we move closer to our destination. Preture is that Next-Step-In-The-Right-Direction. To be able to drive to any destination if we take a map, we need to just remember where to take the next turn. If we take that turn correctly, we are sure to reach where we are want to reach. If we miss out on that turn, rather than taking another wrong turn and being completely-lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere we can come back to the previous step and take the next right step. Knowing and taking the next step correctly saves a lot of time, efforts and energies.

If we are driving in the night, we just need few feet of light on the road, because when we are closer to the end of that light, the light is further there to guide us. We don’t need the whole path to be lit all the time. Neither do we need to worry whether there is a light after few miles or not. We just need a few feet of light ahead of us. That few feet of light is “Preture”, guiding us further, enlightening our path.

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