“I try to practice it as often as I can, it relaxes me, clears my mind and helps me deal with the stress. I had a very good time. Manu knows what he is doing and is very knowledgeable.”

- Agnieszka Lovich, NJ, Aug 6, 2012
“I enjoy reading about your topics, but I truly like your commentaries afterwards - to me that was the most enriching nourishment of the discussion. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and knowledge. It is truly a gift to the world.”

- Tricia Louis, Keyport, NJ, Nov 11, 2010
“For me meditation was so simply relaxing and I later realized that I forgot to move and think and was soooooooooo happy in that state. Before when I tried (some years back), got agitated & very distracted and felt hopeless because my mind was running around like a devil then I thought that I am not fit for it and I quit. I decided it is not for a restless person like me...but now I look forward to be there in every session.”

Aruna Reddy, Business Owner, Freehold Montessori Village Preschool, NJ, Nov 1st 2010.
“I’m happy I found my 3rd eye! I had a rapid heartbeat and shallow breath when I arrived. It’s now nice and slow.”

- Stacey, Boundbrook Library Event, NJ
“Manu was again informative, gentle and of the right temperament for the subject.”

- Mary Ann Price, Boundbrook, NJ
“It’s great. Very interesting overall explanations. Inspiring.”

- Robyn Ulmer
“Manu was great and led me to the most relaxed state I’ve been in. Wonderful teacher with a lot of patience.”

- Joe Carpolattano, Boundbrook, NJ
“I always look forward to and enjoy meditating with Manu. He is very knowledgeable, caring, understanding and patient. It is very apparent how much Manu loves to share this practice that has transformed his life, and he is very open to any and all insights and/or ideas / suggestions. I never feel pressured or obligated and each experience is fresh and new. I will definately continue meditating daily and opening my mind and heart. I will be the change that I wish to see in the World.”

- Jimmy Dabrowski, Teacher, NJ, 28-Dec-2008
“Thanks for supporting me. You are a great teacher, good listener and you have great patience.”

- Marie Fleurs Stainken, Teacher, NJ, 21-Feb-200
"The classes are excellent. I enjoy the sharing sessions. The way in which you teach the classes enables us to do the routines daily.

- Tony Crisufulli, Police Officer, NJ 14-Oct-2007
"The classes have been very helpful. Since this is my first attempt at meditation, I have found these sessions to be informative. They have put me on a new & productive path."

- Terry Short, Branchburg, NJ 14-Oct-2007
“After my search on a variety of sources regarding meditation, I was happy to come upon this course.
It was really helpful in making me a better person.
You went out of your way to teach me more than what was part of your course.
If you have any future sessions please let me know.
Wishing the very best.”

- Jothi, NY, 29-Jun-2002
“My initial experience with meditation was extremely enjoyable.
While I had never practiced meditation before I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect.
Manu, you have shown me a wonderful way to understand myself much more.
To realize that I am a much stronger person than I used to think I am.
You are a very sensitive man, clear with your teachings and expressions.
Thank again and I look forward to our continued lessons and friendship.”

- Irene Rosado, Statan Island, 25-Jun-2004

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