Know Your "Self"

Meditation is a way to know Self. Meditation is a way to be able to see clearly the interactions of Self with everything around. Meditation is to be fully aware of Self. Regular practice of Meditation, is a consistent direct communication with the Self. Meditation is to know and finally master the Self. Meditation is an art and science of Self.

Some questions might arise in mind, such as:
What kind of difference this knowledge of Self makes?
Why to invest time in knowing the Self?
We all know our body and also get to know how to take care of it. We constantly feel the presence of mind, and  try to manage it. Self is something which is not so obvious. Self is subtle. Though Self is the real core and much more  important than the body as well as mind. Self determines who someone really is. Mind and body more or less just follow and act as per the directions of the Self.

Some people are successful, rich and happy whereas some are not. External conditions are more or less exactly the same. If the success and happiness would have depended on external factors, then pretty much everyone would have been either happy and successful or unhappy and unsuccessful. But this is obviously not the case. So it is clear beyond any doubt that whatever is the condition of someone is, that is due to that person’s own Self. That also means that once someone could get this concept, then someone can know the real source of everything. Cause of everything is Self, rest all are mere effects. The conclusion is that everything falls down to Self. Now, if the Self is under control, then that person can manifest whatever he or she want in his or her life. Self is the secret. Self is the real substance. Self is the Science. Self is the truth.

If Self is so much important, then we must know more about it. We must be observant of it. We must be intelligent enough to modify, change and improve it as per the consequences we are facing, especially when what we are receiving is very different than what we want in life. Meditation is one way for anyone to be able to be in touch with Self. Once someone establishes contact with Self, one can observe the state of Self. One can see the flaws. One can see the confusion. One can see the reasons. One can understand the causes of the stuff happening. Regular practice of Meditation, consistently keep the practitioner connected with Self. Continuous observation, interaction and communication with Self, brings the possibility of continuous change towards right positive direction, in which someone finally can attain fulfilment, happiness, success and enlightenment.

What is Self made of?

To understand the Self, it is important to know what Self is made of. Just like light is made of seven different colors, Self is made of seven major components; knowledge / information, experiences, beliefs, thoughts, actions / karma, higher hidden unknown Self and the new evolving Self. These elements cover the totality of time, which means the past, present and the future. This covers what we already know, what we know that we do not know, and what we do not know that we do not know as well as we know that there is definitely something we are yet to know.

  • Knowledge / Information: Whatever we know. The more we know the better. It starts from the moment we take birth, until now. A lot also depends on, which place we were born. What kind of family we got raised in. Which school we went to. What kind of company we kept. What kind of profession we picked. And now what we pursue in our day to day life. What we read. Who we spend time with. What we listen. What we see. What we learn and how. What we do with our time.

  • Experiences: Whatever we experience. The more experienced we become, the better. This might not be essential that the person who is older might be more experienced. Though it is true that just because older person got more time to have the experiences, there is a higher probability, that if that person has participated well in life, that person might be more experienced than the younger ones. It all depends on what someone does with the time in life. If someone does not learn from past experiences and keep on repeating the same actions over and again resulting in almost the same experiences, then that person will have less experience despite of having more age.

  • Beliefs: Whatever we believe. Here comes the emotions, desires, fears, assumptions and insecurities etc. Beliefs do not need to be correct, rational or true but they get perceived as the reality and play a major role in our actions. How we act, depends largely on what we believe. When we act wrongly, we get negative outcomes, different and almost opposite of what we desired. Then we are left with repenting. The only positive aspect could be the learning. Some actions are reversible, whereas unfortunately some are irreversible. When we realize for sure that something wrong has been done by us and we have the possibility of reversing that, then we must do it. Because now doing that thing right, will bring the right positivity in life. Living is a great opportunity to continuously correct our karma.

  • Thoughts: Whatever we think. Pretty much the Mind. We are almost always indulged in thinking, sometimes voluntary and most of time involuntary. It is like being a fish in the water, we are immersed in the thoughts all the time. That is a world to us, our world. Our thoughts define our territory, our boundaries of awareness, knowledge, wisdom and living. Quality of thoughts effect the quality of our life. Fearful thoughts make us feel fearful and we take our actions based on those fears. Negative thoughts make us feel bad, sad, ugly and miserable. Constructive thoughts make us feel productive and inspire to create things. Happy, peaceful, loving thoughts make us feel relaxed, good, blissful and joyful. Meditation can do a lot of work in this area, in de-cluttering thoughts, in weeding out unnecessary, unproductive or negative thoughts and in creating a space for fresh new positive thoughts, perspectives and possibilities.

  • Actions / Karma: Whatever we do. It involves all kinds of actions such as smiling, sitting, walking etc. Actions can be real tangible or virtual at thought level. Whether it is saying something or actually doing something, both come in the domain of karma, only the intensity is different. We all now know that every action has a response. Something always happens as an effect by anything whatever we do. The important relationship to understand is that we are the actual cause. Good action, good karma results in good outcomes and bad karma results in bad outcomes. This is a simple science. And this is one of the fundamental laws of Nature or Truth, something we should never forget and always be aware and mindful. It will be ignorance and childish to expect good outcomes after doing bad karma. The best one can do is to learn the effects of bad karma and firmly decide not to do them ever again. This learning is the growth of Self, the maturity, understanding and wisdom which comes with experiences, both good and bad. Depending on what we want ultimately in the end, we can set that in motion from the very beginning, the initial inputs, intentions, actions and karma. Knowing this we should do good karma. The more we practise goodness, the better our life becomes.

  • Higher Self: One Self is which we know. Though also exists an unknown Self, which is present by Nature, but we are not aware of it. This “hidden”, “unknown” Self, has to be known. That makes us complete.  The reason it can be called “higher” Self is because there might be efforts involved to raise one’s level of awareness in order to feel it, see it and know it. One has to be willing to get out of the comfort zone of current way of being. One should have the desire and willingness to uncover more truth, know more than what is already known, to grow, to risk, to move further, forward and up.

  • New Self: One is to know the Self given to us by Nature, another is the Self created by us and environment and then there is a third Self which is “New”, which is “Evolving”, which is “Now”. Every moment something is happening. Either we are observing something, thinking something or doing something. And we have a free-will to make our choices. All this is making our “New Self”. This understanding creates a hope for a better, happier and more beautiful future.

Just knowing Self superficially will not suffice. It is like knowing some-one's name and other brief outer external information, such as what does one do is not actually knowing some-one's real Self. It is our responsibility to know our Self. It is one of the main goals of life. If we do not know our own Self, then who else will know and why will anyone care to know our Self. The earlier you will know your Self, the better it will be for you. Your decisions will be correct. You will be on the right path. Even if you move slow at least you will be heading towards right direction. There will not be any wastage of time and hence the wastage of precious life. Knowing Self will be the best investment of time and efforts anyone can do, which will bring the highest and the most meaningful returns. Knowing Self might drastically change your life, your attitude, your way of thinking, your approach and your living. It can transform your life into a brand new, very different or even entirely opposite to your previous life till now. All this will lead to the reality, the truth, the fulfilment and ultimately the enlightenment.

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