Soul Detoxification

If we do not clean some thing, then that thing rots and decays as the time progresses and can become finally unusable. Similarly if soul does not get cleaned, then it worsen over the period of time and can ultimately die. Periodic soul detoxification is as important as brushing our teeth or giving a bath to our body. Just like bath tub gets dirty over the period of time after the use by many people, our soul can become black if we never clean it. Just like our body or any object requires periodic cleaning, our soul needs timely cleansing as well.

For cleaning we need essentially two things, a right cleaner and a wiper. Similarly for soul cleaning the cleaner is “honesty” and the wiper is “truth.” The more the honesty which means the cleaner, the easier the cleaning becomes. And the stronger the truth meaning the wiping mean, the faster the cleansing completes. It might be more difficult to scrub and clean the soul as soul is not apparently visible and tangible as the other simple physical beings. Soul cleaning can be done by self, or if needed with the help of a true friend or a genuine competent guru. Everything in nature has some system and process, so as soul detoxification and cleaning has a method containing specific steps.

The first step is of “acknowledgement” is to identify the dirt. If we seriously want the cleaning then we should not be attached to the dirt. We must be honest enough to see it and mindful enough to identify it. We should not be biased to ourselves to get used to of the dirt. Meditation helps significantly in separating our ego from our self and thus bringing more clarity and discretion. The opening of pure heart brings the light necessary to see internally clearly which is many a times blocked by the manipulative mind and the clouds of thoughts. But the light of soul is there and it is our responsibility to overcome all the obstacles coming in the way of reaching for it.

The second step of “action” is to do the due diligence of cleasing. One should keep cleaning till the dirt is completely cleaned, though some dirt could be so old and sticky that one might not be able to finish the job in one go. Make it a point to come back to that next time and continue where you took the break. Ignoring, pretending otherwise and cheating yourself will not be helpful as that will defeat the whole purpose of cleansing and transformation.

The third step of “realization” is to clearly identify the karma which caused such dirt. This step is important to protect our soul in future proactively by taking a vow to avoid such karma. Stopping the loop of repetition is the permanent liberation. This is like immunizing soul from bigger future outbreaks.

The fourth and last step of “liberation” is to make sure whether the problem is recurring or one-time. If the issue is one time then the previous step has taken care of it and we can stop the process of cleansing. If the problem happens periodically that means something more needs to be done to fix it permanently. It is like every year viruses causing flu changes and the improved flu-shot needs to be taken to protect the body in that particular flu season. So in this last step, deeper analysis is done finding the root cause of relapse not just the issue and the hole at the level of very source or origination of that karma is plugged.

As a warning, soul cleansing can be very emotional experience for some. Uncovering hidden protected past karma can be very painful and heart wrenching. The process of release might involve breaking the wall made of strong blocking stones of beliefs, excuses and rationalizations. Just like everything has a resistance in nature, the dirt will make every attempt to remain cling-ed and will require high level of patience and persistence to finally get fully cleaned. It might be very easy to run away quitting as one might go through possibly the hardest possible time of your life. So this is definitely not for those having weaker hearts which can faint when the going gets tough.

Detoxification of soul is liberating. It creates the possibility of fresh new life, much better, cleaner, happier, loving, meaningful, successful and fulfilling than the one before. The other benefits are the restoration of proper flow of creativity, love and energies. Healthy mind free from suffering manifests itself in a healthier body free from discomforts and diseases. Soul detoxification brings the complete healing of mind, body, heart and spirit.

Price: $99.00

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