Thanksgiving Meditation

Modern day context of Thanksgiving is being thankful to what we have. Thanksgiving Meditation is about being aware of and thankful to the so many helpful things around us, small or big, which we might take for granted. As soon as we get up, we can be grateful of being alive. As the day progresses, we can be thankful to anything we touch, eg clothes we wear, automobile to be able to travel to work. Something to do with the day, which creates some value in our life and for the world. When we enter the warm inside from the discomforting cold outside, we can feel thankful for the safe shelter, the comfort of heat and not to worry about the basic survival anymore. We can be thankful for the food we have, a big pleasure of life. We can be thankful to the cushioned bed and pillows, contributing to the restful sound sleep.

Another aspect of Thanksgiving is the family and the family reunion. Being appreciative of the family, relatives and close friends you have, with whom you would like to get together, catch up and spend some quality time. Thanksgiving day is the synonym to the family day. One of the main thing we can be really thankful are the precious people in our life whom we call “family”. People are irreplaceable. Material things lost can be earned again, but can anyone buy love? Can anyone shop for a family? It is proven that our social connections are one of the sure source of joy. If you have a family and such precious people, you can be really thankful to and for them. What if you are alone, by yourself, with no family of your own?

If that is the case, this day is a good evaluation-day to reflect on this area of our lives. Do you really want a family? Why do others have one and you have none? What can you learn from others who are successful in this area? What are the mistakes you did in the past? What did you learn from them? What can you do to make the difference in your life?  Contemplation on the word “family”, should be able to provide you all the answers. In Meditation, we go much deeper, penetrating the top layer of our ego and beyond the superficial layers of our conscious Mind. Listening to your own Self in the conducive mental clarity resulting from Meditation, you can observe the exact causes of the situation you are in, the choices you made and the decisions you took. You can see the ingredients missing from the fundamentals of good relationships such as the character, care, trust, love, loyalty, truthfulness, warmth, compassion, and forgiveness etc. If you want to change the condition of life, you have the chance to take the responsibility and modify the path of your life.

Thanksgiving Meditation is about the cultivation of the feeling of gratitude. In Thanksgiving Meditation you need to be thankful to the Mind. At least during the time of Thanksgiving Meditation, do not curse the Mind. It is very difficult to thank our Mind, right? Thanking someone which gives us so much of trouble! Every dog has its day. Thanksgiving day is that day of the Mind. Be even thankful to the bad thoughts the Mind falls to. Just like diseases convey something wrong with the body, the bad thoughts of Mind can be the warning signals of the nature to remind of the changes needed to keep the Mind balanced, healthy, creative and productive. Changes needed in the way we think, our attitude, the way we process the information and record or store it our mental system. Acknowledging the need to know our Mind better so that we can work better with it.

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised of the sudden changed behavior of the Mind. May be the result of your at least temporary peace with the Mind. Though the rewarding pleasant experience of this Meditation, might make you decide to have the lasting permanent peace with your Mind. This will mean also a long-term changed behavior of your Mind. Welcome the dawn of the new improved interesting relationship with Mind. This Meditation has the power to change the rest of the life for better.

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