Know This World

To understand our life, mind, self, desires, fulfillment, enlightenment, the World or anything related with life, us and around us, we must first need to know the big picture. Once we understand the big picture, then we need to know what the World is made of and how this World actually works in which we live. The more we know the better we can become. The clearer we get the more effective we can deal with mind and life. The knowledge will enable us to understand and realize where we are, who we have become, why our life is like this and what we can do and need to change to build the life we want.

Our World is made up of two distinct Worlds.
1) Internal World
2) External World

Internal World:
“Internal World” is inside you. It is the World of Mind, your mental World. Everything happens in mind first. Anything starts from mind and ends in mind. The action is preceded by thought. If you want to stop your action, you must be able to stop it at the mind level. Actions means what to say and what to do. Once you act, then that stuff goes out from your internal World to the external World. It will be great to clearly know the borders and the boundaries of these two Worlds. That way you must be able to manage both Worlds better. Once you know the two Worlds, you must be able to make the distinction what should stay in your internal World and what needs to go out in the external World. Most important is to master how to observe, filter and correct at the source level which is the thought itself. Many a times thoughts are triggered by the external World, so one must be able to control what enters your internal World. And most importantly what to do with these inputs intruding from external World especially how to see the true real version of the manipulatively presented vicious booby trap. Your internal World is completely your responsibility and it is upto you to keep it pure, clean and beautiful.

If you think you are not in control and your actions are not driven by your thoughts then you are not in touch with your inside World. Basically you are totally dominated, rather ruled by and at complete mercy of outside World and others. In this state, you just react to external stimuli. Someone praises you, you become happy. If you are criticized, you get upset. Someone can exploit you by being nice and you can live under the delusion that your predator is your friend. One of the main challenge is that you get mentally programmed by whatever is fed in your mind. If you do not follow the social norms and whatever is taught to you, then you fear alienation, you risk acceptance. This is not living your own life, this is being directed by outside and others and living life as per their wants, needs and expectations. If you do not discover and start using your own mind, then your internal World remains slave to the external World. To liberate, you need to free your internal World, which is your personal land, which is where you reside.

External World:
"External World" is the outside World. This World we see from our physical eyes. The World which not only you but everyone else sees. The World which was there before you and will be there after you and moves on with or without you. The external World is beyond us. This World may or may not be influenced by us, but in actuality is not in our control. This is the World where other people exist. As this World is a forever reality, we have to understand this World also equally well. Knowing Self or internal World is not enough and just half knowledge. Having only half knowledge is dangerous. We must know the full.  

As we grow older, we must be able to understand how the World around us is, how other people are, who should be our friends and who we should stay away from, who to spend time with, where and when to be somewhere, what should be the level of interaction, who to respect and whom not, who to listen to and who to ignore, who to talk to and who to hang up, with whom to team up and work with and who not to entertain again. The overall success depends on how well we know both the Worlds, and how do we interact, interface, build, manage and balance the two.

What is the use of knowing the two Worlds and the dynamics between them?
Not been able to see the World, the way it actually is, is the cause of all our miseries. The best way to understand this concept is to have the analogy of physical eyes. What happens to us when we operate in the World without eyes or with our eyes closed? Not too many good things, right? We bump into most of the objects which come in our way. We constantly get hurt. We can fall easily. We are always vulnerable to something fatal. Moreover there is always a constant fear that what might hit you, so you always have to be super careful and watchful. Such a state is definitely not very pleasant. Life becomes such a dreaded struggle that it is impossible to be relaxed or peaceful. It is easy to experience this state of existence by closing our eyes and pretending blindness.

All of a sudden this state significantly changes when we get sight. This happens when we open our eyes and we are able to see our surroundings. Then we do not need to keep our hands in front of us all the time to prevent getting hit. We do not need to be so much worried about getting wiped out anytime by some unknown object coming our way as we can see that and most likely will be able to step out of its way to a safer area in a timely manner. So finally our mind gets freed up from such heavy overwhelming state which was consuming us completely and continuously where even the basic survival was on stake. The sight makes the big difference and changes our life forever.

The same drastic change happens when we open our mental eye, which symbolically we can call the third eye. Then we are able to see the World of Mind. Mental eye can see the intangibles. We are able to see our thoughts. We are able to see them impacting our lives. We can see the whole life cycle of thoughts, right from the beginning to very end, if they are ended. We are able to see how things are in our Mental World. Once we see that, we now can easily interact with them with much more intelligence. We can avoid getting bumped into them which means avoiding unnecessary confrontation. We can avoid getting hurt by proactively either giving way to something coming at us to hit or changing our own direction where we are not in the way of any such blocking or invading objects. Our constant mental agony can stop. We do not need to argue or fight anymore with self or anyone else. We can have the real permanent mental peace.

Opening the third eye is the job of meditation. Keeping that eye open and keeping the mental sight clear is what practicing meditation do. Just like it is a choice to use our physical eyes, it is also our choice to open and use our mental eye. Many times we choose to have our mental third eye closed. It is a great folly. If we choose our mental eye to be closed then we are always in delusion. The constant state of confusion causes continuous stress. The hope is pointless that you will be able to cruise happily through life luckily and successfully without opening your mental third eye. The earlier you open the mental third eye, see the truth and make appropriate correct changes, syncing yourself with truth, the better that will be for you.

When a child is born, that child can see only very little distance. When the child starts growing, the sight improves and child can see more distance. And finally the physical sight gets developed. Still with limited World experience, when anything goes out of sight, the child thinks that object is not there. Then later on, child gets the understanding that even if the parents are not in sight, but they still exist and may be gone out to work and will return later. Similarly as adults we must need to not only just open but also mature our mental third eye. We must be able to see the truth as the way it is.

Just like in physical World, if you see a tree,  and that tree really exists than you see the truth. And everyone else also must be able to see that tree. If any one tells you otherwise, than that person is telling you something other than truth. Similarly in the mental World once you attain the right sight, you should be able to see the truth the way it is. There must not be any other version. Moreover many of the other people will see that reality as well, irrespective of whether they tell you about that or not. Sometimes if the truth is unpleasant, they will not tell you to keep their relationship with you. Some might tell you at the risk of abandonment or relationship loss as they see them and though harsh but could be in alignment of how things actually are. And those who are telling you the distorted version, then you must be self-aware that there are ulterior motives and you will be taken for a damaging ride. See the right version, hear the right version, speak the right version, believe the right version and act only according to the right version, the only truth.

Meditation works for your Internal World and brings mental clarity. That clarity is also helpful to see the external World. The light generated through meditation practice not only enlightens the Internal World but also throws sufficient light out to the external darker black-box World in your view, so that you can see things there also, much more clearly in that light. Meditation helps you in the sovereignty of your Inner World. Meditation practice can make you overcome the external World and make you win over every single threat, attack, manipulation, deceit or trap. Save yourself real-timely and keep working on making your Internal World better, stronger, prettier and happier.

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