Wave Meditation

Meditation is a process of transforming our mental state, from negativity to positivity, from stress to smile, from frustration to hope and from consciousness to super-consciousness. "Wave Meditation" is a recognition of the reality of wholeness, which is made of both good and bad, positive and negative, success and failure and rise and fall. Wave meditation brings the necessary shift needed to initiate, change and complete the state transformation. If you are already in a good state, wave meditation makes it even better and higher.

"Everything is a Wave."
This statement is even scientifically accurate, as energy exists in the form of wave. Matter is nothing but one form of energy. And everything including us is basically an energy. So if everything is energy and energy is wave, than everything is a wave. We can go deeper into various types of waves and their characteristics such as sound waves, light waves, water waves, electro-magnetic waves, radio waves, gravitational waves or quantum mechanical waves etc. Though that is not what we intend to do here, the main point and the fundamental to understand here, which is indisputable is that pretty much everything is a wave. This realization brings us closer to truth. It will be good to know more about the nature of waves.

Nature of Waves and the Nature of our Mind.
Waves are dynamic. Waves move. They travel. They transfer the energy. Some waves need medium, others don't. But all of them have the movement. The movement can be forward and backward in the direction of wave or perpendicular to the motion of wave. Even in a standing wave, there is a motion.

And isn't this the nature of our mind? Our thoughts are waves. They oscillate. They vibrate. They ripple. They effect the environment. If they are good, positive, constructive and high, they create friendly welcoming aura and comfortable atmosphere for others. If they are bad, negative, destructive and low, they create disturbing discomforting surroundings for others around. Even if we make our mind still momentarily or for some short duration, underneath there is still a movement.

Wave meditation utilizes this nature and leverages the movement rather than getting stuck up with the unnatural stillness. This makes Wave meditation more natural and easier to practice. It is also excellant for beginners.

What is "Wave Meditation" and how to do it?
Wave Meditation is divided into two clear parts. First part is the one part of the wave and the second part is the second part of the wave. Wave meditation accepts and embraces the Self as it is and takes that as the starting point. Wave meditation does not wait or worry about having the ideal conditions of meditation. Challenging conditions are a good test for practitioner to really experience the power and effect of this meditation technique.

First part is the "Release". Release of all types of stress, all tensions and anything overwhelming or worrying the mind. With every single breath out, you release some and overall more and more, till you empty yourself. If there is nothing negative to release and your state is neutral, then you can begin to release your current ego, self-limiting self and the typical old sense of being which was not happy, clear, fulfilled and successful enough.

The second part starts when you are able to release all your stress, anxieties, tensions, worries, doubts, confusions, weaknesses, jealousies and any negative emotions you had been harboring completely in the first part. When this happens, you can feel the point of "neutrality". Then from that point the shift happens either by itself or if not then you can cause it. That is the point of "inversion" or the point of "ascent". From this point, you begin to raise your mental state and awareness to higher level from the current state or level. The point of "inversion" can be the same of point of "neutrality" or can be different, depending on how much time you chose to stay in the neutral zone. Once you start the positive spiral, you raise your mental state higher and higher in the positive direction with every single breath in.

Finally you reach a point where you have enough for one session. You can stop there and either finish your meditation or if you feel the need and have more time in hand, then you can do more waves.

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Group size (individual, couple, family or group)