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Manu was born in India where Meditation originally started & existed from around 5000 years now. In his pursuit for knowledge he went to many Guru’s and teachers. He extensively studied the subject and exposed himself to the art & science of Meditation from every angle possible.

He was fortunate to go to a school which was committed to rich Indian culture & heritage. Then during the college there was a phase of on & off. At the tale end of college the stress of deciding future path of life, completely caught him off guard with no support system. Everyone goes through such tough patches of uncertainties and ambiguities in life; the bottom line is to have some sort of balancer which keeps your sanity intact. The lesson learned was to be proactively ready rather than letting the damage happen. The simplicity, no-need-of-any-equipments & no-partner-required makes meditation a sort of no-excuse-possible or no-one-to-blame-except-yourself thing.

Meditation makes a profound positive impact on individuals whether someone is looking to relieve stress or want to explore their inner self irrespective of their faith, gender or age. He first was himself skeptical about the whole thing in the beginning having a very formal science education. Though seeing the positive results encouraged him to dig deeper and experimenting more and more. Once getting totally convinced, he has been hooked to meditation practicing it regularly and unfailingly since 1995. He considers himself a living example of this amazing Nature’s gift to human kind.

He has been a great admirer to all the different techniques and makes an honest attempt to come up with a simplified & unified approach which is practical, easy and useful for everyone. He does not believe in looking backward and wants this field grow better and better by new research just like any scientific discipline. He keeps on striving for the synergetic fusion with related holistic techniques of Yoga, Pranayama, Acupressure, Ayurveda and Naturopathy etc making meditation even more effective & powerful than it is by itself.

Manu is a Certified Reiki Healer of Usui System of Natural Healing.

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Manu can be reached by email at Manu@Anvention.com